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VENDETTA [ven-det-uh] A prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.

10.77 Tri Isk

This is the number we managed to achieve. 10.77 bil in space assets and flying buckets we have destroyed over time.

33,564 Ships

The number of ships we have vanquished. So many enemies brought to their knees and executed.

98.7% Efficiency

Our enemies have less than 2% chance to run away from us. VMG is renown for its state of the art combat strategy.

Top Rank 20

Ranked number 20 in the world of EVE the VMG Alliance offers a unique perspective on how to play eve while having allies.

we can destroy your enemies

The VMG Services

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Has someone really annoyed you. We will use a gank or war declaration to focus on the one individual. Here to focus is getting the client a corpse they can hold onto for future entertainment.

Contract Service
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War Assistance

VMG can assist in a war you have. We can take care of the aggressor or add numbers to your defences. This is very popular at the moment with citadel war assists as we can stop the aggressor taking your toys.

Contract Service
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VMG can attack or defend high security structures. These include poco's, pos, and citadels. Our experience in this area is of the highest standards. We use every allowable tricks of the trade to ensure YOU are successful.

Contract Service
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War Declaration

VMG will operate in any high security space hunting the targets of a clients choice. We will find the targets and eliminate them. You can also use war declaration to stop certain movement of supplies and support.

Contract Service
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We can handle your business.

Join the ingame channel : VMG PUB or directly contact : Khromius, NaturalCloneKiller or Luukje.